Many are aware that Dave Grohl became a member of Nirvana after moving cross country from the Washington D.C. area to Seattle following his exit from his previous band Scream. A bit of Grohl's past is about to resurface as Dischord Records is preparing to reissue the final Scream album, Fumble.

The reissue comes with Grohl's stamp of approval, as the Foo Fighters leader offered a plug via the band's Facebook page. "Hey weirdos....once upon a time, when I was just a wee lad, I played drums in a punk rock band from the Washington D.C. area called Scream," began Grohl. "I had grown up buying their records and going to see their live shows, and eventually had the honor of becoming their drummer at the age of 17. Fresh out of high school, I started touring the world with them from 1987-1990. The last album that we made together, Fumble, is now being reissued by the almighty Dischord Records." He concluded, "Check it out, it might just change your life. It sure changed mine."

The Fumble album was recorded in 1989 but initially released by Dischord in 1993 (after Grohl had already joined Nirvana) and would be the band's fifth and final release. Along with Grohl, the group featured vocalist Peter Stahl, guitarist Franz Stahl and bassist Skeeter Thompson. The album was co-produced by Girls Against Boys leader Eli Janney along with the band themselves.

Grohl joined the band after the exit of original drummer Kent Stax. His first recording with Scream was the group's fourth album No More Censorship. Scream split with the Stahl brothers heading to Los Angeles and Grohl venturing to Seattle in 1990. Franz Stahl would later serve a stint in Foo Fighters before they added Chris Shiflett. Scream reunited in 2009, with Stax resuming drum duties for the band.

To order Scream's Fumble album and for more information, check here.

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