Is there anything Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl can't do?

The singer/guitarist is currently working with comedian Dana Gould on a half-hour comedy series for FX. Gould created, is writing and will star in the series, which Grohl will produce. Gould approached Grohl because he is a fan of his music. Gould + Grohl could be a new force in the comedy world.

According to Deadline, the premise of the show focuses on a rock band thisclose to breaking into the big time. However, things are not hunky dory regarding the band's interpersonal dynamics so they seek the help of a trained professional in order to patch up their differences and remain a unit. That sounds like a twist on Metallica's 'Some Kind of Monster,' no? The band ends up being counseled by a cranky couple's therapist facing a divorce. That's a recipe for laughs.

Let's hope Gould comes up with a creative way to fit Grohl into the mix onscreen. The rocker is known for his sense of humor -- check the Foos' video catalog for evidence or their response to a protest of one of their shows -- and a Grohl cameo, bit part or recurring role would certainly give rockers a reason to tune in. He'd probably be quick to clear licensing rights, too, so the Foos music could be used on the series.

Whatta ya think? Would you tune into a TV show that had Dave Grohl's fingerprints all over it?