Yes, Dave Grohl can pound the drums with the best of them, but he may have a little trouble dealing with the drumsticks presented by the city of his birth - Warren, Ohio.

According to the Youngstown News, the city has constructed 900-pound drumsticks out of huge poplar logs as a tribute to one of their favorite sons. The piece, which also features newly etched feathers that mirror the musician's tattoos, will be unveiled at the Warren Amphitheatre in between two acts at the River Rock on the Amp Concert series this coming Saturday night (July 7).

The drumsticks are thought to be the largest in the world, and will remain at the Warren Amphitheatre until the final show of the season in September, at which point they will be relocated to Dave Grohl Alley, just south of the city's Courthouse Square.

Grohl was born in Warren, but spent most of his youth in Virginia. When he returned to Warren for the alley dedication in 2009, he stated that most of his family lived in the Niles, Youngstown and Warren areas.

Nowadays, Grohl makes most of his living as the frontman of Foo Fighters, but he rose to fame as the drummer for Nirvana.

The drumsticks were created as part of a funded project, and Warren policeman and president of the Main Street Warren promotional organization Joe O'Grady stated that fundraising was nearly complete.