Drummer Dave Lombardo hasn't been hurting for opportunities in his post-Slayer career, and we're now getting a taste of his latest band. The drummer ramps up the pace with his cohorts in Dead Cross on a newly released song called "We'll Sleep When They're Dead."

This high-energy hardcore track is filled with chugging guitars, fast-paced drumming and screaming vocals, delivering a song that's sure to cause plenty of mayhem in the mosh pit.

The band is still relatively new, as Lombardo's former group Philm disbanded last fall before a scheduled tour. With studio time already booked with producer Ross Robinson, Lombardo invited mutual friends Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian from onetime tourmates Locust to join him for a jam and out of those sessions and new band formed. Adding guitarist Michael Crain of Retox to the fold, Dead Cross made their live debut in December.

"This band provokes my aggression," Lombardo told Rolling Stone, who premiered the new song. "We, Ross included, all have fearless musical mindsets. Our collective resumes definitely reflect that. I believe that when you have musicians in a room that share that particular attribute, it takes you to another level in every way. With this band, I play harder, I play faster, and I play with the fury that this music demands. Each member brings a great deal of intensity and skill to the table. It's invigorating to work with them."

For Robinson, producing Dead Cross was an enjoyable change of pace. "Metal feels really flat to me," says the producer. "It needs to be messed with badly. We messed with metal and had a great time."

A full album's worth of material has reportedly been worked on, though album details have yet to be revealed. But for the time being, you can get a listen to Dead Cross' "We'll Sleep When They're Dead" in the player provided below.

Dead Cross, "We'll Sleep When They're Dead"

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