Dave Lombardo's current and recent bands are both undergoing lineup changes. During a recent appearance on the Everything Went Black podcast, Dead Cross bassist Justin Pearson revealed that the band has parted ways with singer Gabe Serbian. Meanwhile Lombardo's former band Philm has moved to continue their career without him.

During a chat about Dead Cross, Pearson reflected on the band's debut. He stated, "It's been strange. We had shows booked and shit before we even had a song written, so it was a weird sort of scenario that we started. And we went in, like, headfirst and wrote a set and played a bunch of shows and then immediately went to record an album. And we were almost done, but our singer left the band — we have a new singer — so we're re-recording vocals."

When asked who their new vocalist is, Pearson stated he was not allowed to divulge the singer's identity as of yet, but did state that he is "an established singer." He also revealed that they've started recording with the singer and have a label lined up for their music. The album is being produced by Ross Robinson. So stay tuned for details on Dead Cross' new vocalist.

Meanwhile, Lombardo's former band Philm, which he exited earlier this year, are moving forward without him. Singer Gerry Nestler and guitarist Pancho Tomaselli are ready to return to the stage with their new lineup.

Filling out the band will be Anderson Quintero on drums, and the group has announced that they will make their first appearance as this trio as part of Hollywood's weekly Ultimate Jam Night show at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on Sept. 20.

"What can I say? The reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated," stated Nestler, adding, "I think the quote from Dave back in January was, 'I did not exit Philm, I ended Philm.' Well, Pancho and I decided to carry on without him, just like the original Philm carried on without Dave and released an album in 2002, albeit under a different name, Kkleq Muzzil. So, no, Philm is not over. We are alive and kicking!" Nestler goes on to reveal that they've already recorded an album with Quintero on the kit and are in the final stages of mixing the disc for release. They don't have a deal yet, but have started talking to labels about releasing the music. Nestler says Quintero is an "amazing drummer" and gave them a new perspective as a band. After the Whisky show, the band will relocate to the New York / New England area as their home base.

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