Since his split from Slayer, drummer Dave Lombardo has had no problem finding new projects. Even with the coronavirus pandemic going on, Lombardo just revealed to Rolling Stone that he's added the industrial act Satanic Planet to his resume, but he did have an "in."

"The name of it is Satanic Planet. It’s with Justin Pearson, who’s in Dead Cross as well," revealed Lombardo. "And Luke Henshaw, who he works with pretty closely. And Luke also worked on some of the remixes that we featured on our EP. And some of the vocals are done by the head of the Satanic Temple."

He continued, "This is through his affiliation with Justin, so they decided to create an album that’s kind of influenced by Anton LaVey’s early album that he recorded of one of his Black Masses. So we took influence from that. What was supposed to be one song ended up being the whole record. They liked what I did and so I’ve been tackling that nightly. I usually start around midnight and go till around three in the morning [laughs]. But yeah, it’s kind of cool; it’s fun."

Lombardo revealed at the time that most of the world slowed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, he had just moved into a new home and was just getting everything in his studio as he wanted it. There had been a show with Misfits on the horizon, but the added down time has allowed him to move forward with other projects as well.

"I had just recorded a Dead Cross record and a Mr. Bungle record so right now there are emails going around: listening to different mixes for both bands," says Lombardo. "So we're just kind of staying busy even though things have slowed down."

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