If an actual war took place between rap fans and metalheads, which side would emerge victorious after the bloody battle was fought? Metalheads, of course! This weekend, metal fans will be able to team with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine and Korn's Jonathan Davis for an online 'Battlefield 3' tournament against a team of hip-hop henchmen.

Video game innovators EA will be hosting a once in a lifetime event in the digital realm of the wartime first-person shooter game 'Battlefield 3.' Both metal and rap enthusiasts will be able to represent their chosen sides in an epic battle for music supremacy.

The first day of battle will be held Saturday, Jan. 7, from 10AM-12PM PT with Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine leading his troops in a fight to the death against OutKast's Big Boi and his entourage of gamers.

Day two will commence on Sunday, Jan. 8, from 10AM-12PM PT with Team Metal following the leader -- Jonathan Davis. The Korn singer and his army will battle against a platoon led by rapper Mickey Factz.

Both games will be fought within the 'Strike at Karkand' map in 'Conquest Assault' mode.

In order to step onto the front lines with the platoon of your choosing, gamers must become a fan of their prospective platoon on Battlelog. Click on the links below to pledge your allegiance to a platoon and fight for the genre we all know is capable of conquering the world. Death to all but metal!

Dave Mustaine’s (Megadeth) Metal Platoon
Jonathan Davis’ (Korn) Metal Platoon