There’s no denying that band members of Megadeth did some serious monkeying around in their video for ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ off of their latest album ‘TH1RT3EN.’ In a new behind the scenes clip, frontman Dave Mustaine talks all about his experience shooting the wild video.

In the clip below, presented by Metal Hammer, Mustaine says that the song's catchy melody came to him in a dream while he fell asleep at his computer and that as far as the lyrics he says that it “almost wrote itself.”

“Public Enemy started coming together song wise and it looked like it was going to be our first single and when the video came in we got a bunch of different ideas,.” adds Mustaine. “There was a couple that stood out but by far the one that I liked the most and I thought was going to be the coolest out of all of them was the one with the monkeys.”

Mustaine expresses his satisfaction with knowing the broad appeal of the video. “When I saw the first pass it was really euphoric because I knew that we’d just made a video that was going to be able to be shown just about anywhere.”

He continues, “The opportunity to work with real trained animals, it’s got to be done right, I think if we would have done something schlocky and we would have tried to have been too funny, it wouldn’t have been received as well, but I think the scene with Dave [Ellefson] and the monkey it was pushing the envelope but it was still done very tastefully. I got to tell you that scene is one of my favorite scenes in the whole video and anybody, anybody who watches the video as soon as they see that scene they laugh.” Dave Ellefson in bed with a monkey? Who wouldn’t laugh?

Even one of the lead monkeys in the video shares his enthusiasm about shooting Megadeth's video for ‘Public Enemy No. 1.’ Take a look at the behind the scenes clip below:

Dave Mustaine Talks About the Making of ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ [via Metal Hammer]