Dave Mustaine is one of metal's most accomplished guitarists, having pioneered the thrash genre. He has showcased his virtuoso playing during the past 30-plus years over the course of 15 Megadeth albums. But as talented as he is, there are still musicians, both deceased and alive, whom he admires greatly.

In this portion of our exclusive interview with Mustaine, the metal legend offers up some surprising musicians who have influenced him over the years. The first name he brings up is the late classical composer and violinist Antonio Vivaldi. "There was just a shred factor to that guy," says Mustaine, who adds that if Vivaldi "had a Dean [guitar] with a distortion pedal on it, he'd probably be in Megadeth."

Mustaine also goes on to cite '80s pop-rock band Crowded House and legendary rock act the Beatles among his influences, as well. See him talk about the musicians he admires in the exclusive video above.

Megadeth's latest album, Dystopia, is available at iTunes and Amazon. Click here to see the band's upcoming tour dates.

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