As a musician, Dave Navarro is used to letting his feelings out through music. But the guitarist is taking the most personal and devastating moment of his life and making a documentary film about it. The movie is called Mourning Son and details the events surrounding his mother's murder and how it affected him.

In the film's trailer, Navarro states, "I've never been one to not share what's going on with me emotionally. I think as an artist and a musician, that's just inherent in what we do. It's the most profound moment of my life and I don't think I should just sweep it under the rug. It was just the darkest, most horrible moment of my life." The movie addresses some of the issues that Navarro had while trying to deal with the fact that his mother's murderer had not been caught.

In March of 1983, John Riccardi murdered both Constance Navarro and her friend Sue Jory at a Los Angeles condominium. Riccardi was Constance's estranged boyfriend and at the time of the murder, young Dave was 15 years old. It took eight years before Riccardi was captured and the TV show America's Most Wanted ultimately led to the arrest.

Riccardi was originally given the death penalty, but was re-sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. In 2014, Riccardi appealed the decision but was denied in his attempt to get parole.

Navarro wrote, produced and appears in Mourning Son, which will be released via VOD on Demand on Dec. 1. Check out the trailer for the film and learn more about the movie here.

In other related news, Navarro is participating in the #PutTheNailinIt domestic violence campaign. Check out his comment and post about the matter below:

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