One of the more intriguing tracks on Device's upcoming debut album is the cover of 'Close My Eyes Forever,' in which frontman David Draiman shares vocal duties with Halestorm singer Lzzy Hale. Now, the song has been unleashed for everyone to hear. Check it out below, as well as some insight Draiman gave Loudwire into recording the duet with Hale.

In our recent conversation with Draiman, he talked about the thrill of working with Lzzy Hale and the talent she brought to their cover of the Ozzy Osbourne and Lita Ford classic. He described the experience of recording 'Close My Eyes Forever' as follows:

I actually gave [Lzzy] even more to sing than the original version. Initially in the original arrangement they each had their own specific choruses instead of trading off. I gave Lzzy a lot more because I love her voice. I think she’s amazing and I just thought it would be a cooler dynamic for my version of the song to incorporate more of the female voice in this version of the cover. I’m really glad it ended up happening the way that it did with the Device project as opposed to with Disturbed, because it enabled me to go to that place with my voice that really wouldn’t have been appropriate on a Disturbed record.

I loved doing it, it’s that classical delivery and technique and that part of me that harkens back to the early cantorial days. I had tracked all of these songs completely beforehand and I had tracked Lzzy’s parts ahead of the time and brought them with me to New York when I tracked her so I had given her a guide the whole way through the song. We did everything very efficiently, very effectively to the extent where one of her label guys came in to take a peek at what was going on and he said, 'Oh man you’re a real task master, you’re making her go take after take.' I’m not pushing her beyond her limits -- it’s only because she knows where she needs to go and there’s no experimentation, it’s very easy.

It was great and Lzzy did make a bunch of the parts her own, different emphasis and slight changes of cadence -- and she’s very talented. She’s bulletproof. I’ve never seen her have a bad night.

Device's self-titled album, which also features guest appearances from M. Shadows, Serj Tankian, Geezer Butler and others, hits stores on April 9 and can be pre-ordered here. Stay tuned for our full interview with David Draiman.

Listen to Device With Lzzy Hale, 'Close My Eyes Forever'