Days of the New frontman Travis Meeks has gone through a turbulent time as of late. Less than a year after the original lineup reunited for a tour, the band imploded after a disastrous Sept. 6 concert in St. Louis. Adding to the drama, Travis Meeks is also a wanted man in Gibson County, Ind. for failing to appear in court for possession of a hypodermic needle.

It's no secret that Meeks has struggled with drug addiction in the past. Though we can't confirm that drug use led to the dissolution of the original Days of the New lineup this year, the band fell apart after Meeks, in a questionable state, was unable to perform at a reasonable level. Bassist Jesse Vest would grab the mic from Meeks after about six songs, announcing the band's dissolution and leaving the stage with other fellow members. Meeks reportedly remained onstage before wandering around in the audience, speaking incoherently and yelling at a merch stand worker.

Meeks has since been performing as Days of the New with bassist Charlie Colin and drummer Paul Culligan. However, the vocalist may be pulled off the road due to the warrant. On the Gibson County Sheriff's Department's 'Most Wanted' list (published Oct. 3), Travis Meeks is listed for his missed court date.

According to Travis Meeks' personal 'Days of the New Presents Tree Colors' Facebook page, the band is scheduled to perform its next show in Oneonta, N.Y. on Oct. 9.

Travis Meeks Most Wanted List
Gibson County Sheriff's Office

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