Brace for impact. Here comes some nasty guitar licks courtesy of Brooklyn-via-Miami duo Deaf Poets. The pair are teaming up with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new song "Change & Bloom," which is featured on the upcoming EP of the same name.

The driving rocker rides a wicked groove throughout and is pretty representative of what's come. Singer-guitarist Sean Wouters and drummer Nico E.P. generate quite a bit of sound, pulling from '70s rock, '80s punk and '90s grunge for inspiration.

"Change & Bloom" was born out of the pair's desire to relocate. They tell us, "We wanted to dwell on the feeling of being stuck and inevitably affecting progression. In order to flourish and head into the path of self discovery, one must make drastic decisions that sometimes include letting go of the things you love the most. The chorus echos this notion with the lines, 'My wasted years trying to change and bloom ... my future is written and it’s not with you.'"

Deaf Poets will release their Change & Bloom EP on June 15 via Wax Romantix. Each track on the disc was inspired by personal experience and current events that occurred during their relocation from Florida to New York. Check out the artwork and track listing posted just below the title track. You can also look for Deaf Poets rocking New York's Bowery Electric tonight (April 10) and playing Brooklyn's St. Vitus on May 1.

Deaf Poets, "Change & Bloom"

Deaf Poets, Change & Bloom Artwork + Track Listing

WaxRomantix Records
WaxRomantix Records

1. Monarchs
2. Die With the Young
3. Bad Way
4. Change & Bloom
5. Cigarette
6. Fumes

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