Deafheaven have returned with a new song, "Great Mass of Color," that continues the black-metal-meets-shoegaze tastemakers' gradual turn from the explicitly heavy onto a more diaphanous lane, amping up the George Clarke-led act's mysterious and ethereal elements along the way.

The tune's release on Wednesday (June 9) accompanied word of a new Deafheaven album: The nine-song collection is titled Infinite Granite, and it arrives on Aug. 20 via Sargent House. It's the band's first studio effort since they released Ordinary Corrupt Human Love in 2018.

Listen to "Great Mass of Color" and see the artwork and tracklisting for Infinite Granite down toward the bottom of this post.

As noted in a press release, Clarke's "trademark, black metal-inspired howls [are] mostly absent" on Infinite Granite. On "Great Mass of Color," he stays in a subdued coo until unleashing some growly vocalizations in the final movement of the 6-minute track. It's a direction the group's been heading in for quite some time — now, perhaps, they've taken their biggest creative leap so far.

The album features production from Justin Meldal-Johnsen, the prolific session player now more known for helming records by Paramore, Jimmy Eat World and more. Longtime Deafheaven producer Jack Shirley partnered with Meldal-Johnsen as an engineer. It was recorded at Shirley's Atomic Garden East studio.

The San Francisco-based Deafheaven first came to most listeners' attention in 2013 with the release of their second LP, Sunbather, considered by many an artistic triumph of atmospheric black metal and post-metal. They followed it with the album New Bermuda in 2015.

Pre-orders for Infinite Granite are available now.

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Deafheaven, "Great Mass of Color"

Deafheaven, Infinite Granite Album Art + Tracklist

Sargent House
Sargent House

1. "Shellstar"
2. "In Blur"
3. "Great Mass of Color"
4. "Neptune Raining Diamonds"
5. "Lament for Wasps"
6. "Villain"
7. "The Gnashing"
8. "Other Language"
9. "Mombas"

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