A couple of Furby T-shirts representing black metal or death metal will make any headbanger feel like the most endearing metalhead on the block.

That's right; the duds feature the beloved, fuzzy robotic toy from childhood. But the all-black tees aren't quite childlike. Each unofficial garment features the likeness of a Furby stylized in the manner of an extreme metal band. They look like something one might find at the merch table of a concert.

The first comes by way of a designer known as Sevencrow on the online platform for graphic artists' custom apparel and designs — and it's perfect for the metal-loving lady in one's life. Featuring a wide-eyed Furby front and center on the T-shirt, the surrounding text reads "Furby Death Metal Girl" in pink.

Sevencrow, TeePublic

However, the description of the shirt on TeePublic calls it the "Furby Black Metal Shirt." So which one is it, black or death? No matter, we'll just go ahead and assume the brutal tee is applicable for Furby fans of either musical subgenre on the broad spectrum of extreme metal styles.

The other garment, known as the "Kvlt Frby" T-shirt, was dreamed up by the designer Rubberhourse. A bit more subdued than the "Furby Death Metal Girl" tee, the shirt features a dark gray print that certainly looks like it could double as the merch from a local black metal act.

Rubberhorse, TeePublic

The T-shirt even features a wordmark emblazoned across the chest in the style of many death metal groups' twisted logos. Below it, a devilish-looking Furby appears to be zoned out by his new role as a metal icon.

Are you ready to show the world your love for Furby while letting everyone know you only listen to the most tantalizing kinds of metal? Grab your Furby metal T-shirts at TeePublic here or here.

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