We know some of you out there are a bit reluctant towards death metal, potentially because you think, "What the hell are they screaming about?" Well here are 10 Amazing Death Metal Vocalists You Can Actually Understand!

Don't get us wrong, these guys aren't as intelligible as someone delivering spoken word, but just like many of your favorite rock, grunge and heavy metal heroes, the words can easily be deciphered if you pay attention.

The late grandfather of death metal himself, Death's Chuck Schuldiner, is the perfect example of this. While keeping his vocals gritty and vicious in delivery, the man annunciated every syllable, painting a detailed picture of the visuals he was putting forth through his music. Another death metal pioneer, Morbid Angel's David Vincent, has also perfected the technique of shaping his brutal gutturals to add greater understanding to his lyrics.

You'll also find Opeth / ex-Bloodbath vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt, former Arch Enemy siren Angela Gossow and maybe even a few vocalists you haven't been introduced to quite yet. Check out our list of 10 Amazing Death Metal Vocalists You Can Actually Understand to see (and hear) for yourselves!

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