Which is better? Deathcore or death metal? For some that answer is easy, for others not so much. YouTube performer Jared Dines has uploaded a video in which he displays the different types of guitar techniques for each genre and then asks people to vote on which guitar sound and stereotypical guitarist moves are better.

Check out the video above. It gets funny about halfway in, when he starts to get into the facial expressions and movements. After you watch the clip, head here to vote for deathcore or death metal. As of press time, death metal had earned a resounding 72% of people’s votes.

If Dines’ name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he was the gentleman behind the 10 Styles of Metal parody video from last year that has racked up almost two-million views on YouTube to date. We’ve pasted that clip below, so you can watch Dines sing silly lyrics in a style meant to parody specific metal genres. Since it's Friday and you might be looking a little more distraction than usual, we also recommend his video 10 Ways to Hold a Guitar. It's a neat, quick video to pass the time. "Attacked by Bees" is one of our favorites.

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