French black metal titans Deathspell Omega will release a new EP this November! The Synarchy of Molten Bones is scheduled to become available on Nov. 8.

Very little is known about the ultra-chaotic and extremely influential Deathspell Omega. The mysterious collective has never performed live, don’t have an official website and no photos of the band have been taken. Despite Deathspell Omega’s low profile, the act has proven to be one of the most influential black metal projects of the 21st century, releasing five full-length albums and five EPs.

Much of Deathspell’s music is rooted in the religious, philosophical and metaphysical. “As you know, Deathspell Omega deals with religious, metaphysical stakes, and despite the fact that we do definitely have many of our roots in the monotheistic tradition, and indeed in orthodox or puritanical declensions of this stream, we can not honestly pretend that they are exclusively situated there,” one DsO musician said in an interview with Ezxhaton. “Satanism, or Devilworship, is not a revealed religion, like just another monotheistic religion. Or better said, it is a revealed religion, but at this stage, there is no such thing as a Book of Books like the Bible is for the Christian tradition. There's not a single book that would be the ultimate reference, the Bible, for example, is but a small part of our inheritance.”

The Synarchy of Molten Bones will be Deathspell’s sixth EP. The work will feature four new songs and is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp. Fans can pre-order digital, CD and vinyl copies of the EP along with a t-shirt and patch.

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