Twisted Sister legend Dee Snider has weighed in on Donald Trump’s candidacy to become president of the United States. Dee says he won’t be voting for his “legally insane” “best friend” in the election. Also Snider took a moment to ponder why Motley Crue’s Vince Neil didn’t do serious jail time for the death of Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle.

During his campaign, one of the songs Donald Trump chose to use was Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” At first, Snider welcomed Trump’s use of the song, but after Trump proposed that no Muslims should be allowed into the United States until a solution to terror was found, Snider found himself questioning his position. Though Snider hasn’t confirmed he asked Trump to stop using “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” he did admit he won’t be voting for Donald come poll time, although the two did become friendly during Snider's time on Celebrity Apprentice.

“Would you nominate or elect any friend you have as president of the United States?” Snider asks Yahoo. “My best friend is legally insane. He gets checks from the government. I’m not voting for him. He’s my best friend. There isn’t a friend I have, and I love them all dearly, that I would want to see become president of the United States. Donald Trump is a friend. I’ve done nothing to not be friends with him and he’s done nothing to not be friends with me. Again, I value all my friends. They’re great. But I couldn’t imagine any of them becoming President.”

Snider also spoke about the 1984 death of Hanoi Rocks’ Razzle, who perished in a car accident while Vince Neil, under the influence of alcohol, was driving. “There were two other women who were in a van who were permanently crippled from that famous car accident that killed Razzle from Hanoi Rocks,” says Snider. “And people are cool with that. They’re like, ‘Yeah, all right! Rock ‘n’ roll!!’ And the guy didn’t do any serious jail time. I’m like, ‘Really? Really? He’s a murderer.’ I don’t get that at all.”

Twisted Sister are currently celebrating their career with the fascinating documentary We Are Twisted F***ing Sister. Check out our exclusive interview on the film with Dee Snider here.

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