British legends Def Leppard are poised to release their 10th studio album, Def Leppard, on Oct. 30 and are now serving up the track," Dangerous" for streaming. The song sounds straight out of the band's glory days when just about every track on an album was at the top of the charts. Replete with familiar yet fresh guitar licks and huge choral hooks, this is textbook Def Leppard.

The song stream comes courtesy of Billboard, who premiered the song earlier today (Oct. 16.) Commenting on the song and the album on the whole, guitarist Phil Collen said, "We didn't think we were doing an album. We were just doing songs. Every song was its own project." Shining some light on the duration of the writing and recording process, he added, "'Let's Go,' the first song released from the album, came from one of bassist Rick Savage's demos, while 'Dangerous' is also a few years old and was initially titled 'Dangerous Drug' until [Joe] Elliott suggested shortening the name."

"Dangerous" comes across as genuine and it's easy to see why with the process being so laid back. Collen acknowledged the sound of the album and attributed it to no intervention from a record label, adding, "It's the freest, most liberating thing we've ever done. It's the first time we've ever done an album where there weren't any constraints. We didn't have a record company or an executive at a label going, 'OK, we need this, we need that' or 'OK, the concept of the album is gonna be blah, blah, blah...'"

Def Leppard have been on and off the road since April and show no signs of slowing down with a host of dates lined up in the U.S. before hitting Japan, Australia, Singapore, Ireland and the United Kingdom. To see a full list of dates, visit the band's website. To pre-order the album, head over to iTunes or Amazon.

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