Congrats are in order! Even though Def Leppard / Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell and his longtime love Caitlin Phaneuf have been a couple for several years, they decided to make it official with a wedding ceremony on Friday (July 4).

Campbell posted about the ceremony on his Facebook page, stating, "My girl and I got married yesterday. We had a great ceremony featuring family and friends and the [Def] Leppard band and crew. So happy!" Phaneuf had previously worked as part of Def Leppard's road crew.

In the same post, Campbell, who continues to fight cancer, revealed that his latest round of chemotherapy had begun to physically affect him. He explained, "I have to buzz cut my hair as I'm leaving most of it on my pillow due to the new chemo I started. I'll be sporting a new 'do' tonight in Irvine." See an image of Campbell with his shaved head here.

The guitarist was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2013. After initial treatment, it was thought that Campbell's cancer was in remission. But the rocker recently revealed that the lymphoma had not completely gone away and more treatment was needed.

In the time since, he's been undergoing what he calls "a high-tech chemo" that's part of a clinical trial and that it initially had not affected his hair, nails or skin. He added that if the cancer is back in remission by the end of the band's touring in August, he intends to undergo a stem-cell transplant as a preventative measure to keep the cancer from coming back.

Def Leppard are spending their summer on tour with KISS. Dates can be found here. The band is also working on new music, with an album expected to arrive in 2015.