Deftones bassist Chi Cheng, who has spent nearly four years in and out of hospitals in a comatose or semiconscious state stemming from a 2008 car crash, may be returning home imminently after a recent diagnosis of pneumonia put him back in the hospital in June.

Cheng has been battling complications from the car crash since 2009, when he was diagnosed with a near-fatal septicemia infection. According to the bassist's mother, Jeanne Marie Cheng, he has battled sepsis as recently as last month, when he was also unsuccessfully removed from his ventilator. However, Cheng's most recent fight against pneumonia may soon be a victorious one according to the following message posted on

Dearest onelovefamily,

You must be wondering again about Chi’s progress at home. He finished the course of IV antibiotics on Thursday, June 28. That being done, he was to be discharged last Friday. When Friday rolled around we were informed that his blood work culture came back and he had another infection in his blood. So he will be on another IV antibiotic for maybe 10 days. They do plan to let him get started on it and send him home this coming Thursday or Friday. We will be able to do the IV med at home. The Doc really wants to see him home where there are less germs than in the hospital. We can control his environment here.

So the house is ready for him and Sal has turned into the germ police. She has large containers of antibacterial wipes on every corner of the counters and tables. Ya gotta love her! She bought copious amounts of gloves, wipes, spray cleansers, hand sterilizers, and has organized his every item perfectly. now we just need to get the man home again.

His immune system is weakened and we are researching things that will boost it . Any suggestions you may have we will follow up on. We are being very careful to double check any side effects or contraindications as well as drug interactions with his current medications.

He looks pretty miserable right now….he must feel really weak and ill. The highlight of his day is when Sal reads him all of your messages.
This whole drama has nothing to do with his TBI. It is not a problem with his brain. It is a problem from staying in the hospital too long, getting too many infections and antibiotics and having it shoot down his immune system. The fact that he was in bed without getting up for three straight months did his lungs and body no good at all. He is in isolation now and the Doc said that the mask, gown and gloves we must wear are more for his own protection than for anyone else.

This is saddening and maddening and really a kick in the gut, but if it had happened in New Jersey I don’t think that he would be alive at all.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bringing him HOME to California!! We can see him every day and the staff is excellent! And he will come back home to the house soon which is going to make all the difference in the world!
I want to let you know where your generous donations are going. We are trying to straighten out his medicare which got messed up by them. We are also trying to get his m/cal reinstated. For now though we are paying out of pocket for his needs. The plane to get him home was $18,000. The perscriptions Mae picked up for him were $1,700. The bed rental with a good mattress is $700. a month and there are other rental items and personal items. I did splurge (my dime on some other things) and got him a big screen TV since we don’t really know how well he sees and Sal is going to help me pick out a good sound system for him. Of course the wish list goes on and on. I would like to get him a van that he can travel well in to go to Dr. appointments etc. When he is back up to speed I have dreams of taking him to the beach and places he would enjoy. For now though it is such a blessing to have him back in California and he WILL be home soon.

When he gets here, you will be the first to know. There are no words to express the gratitude we have for all of your support and prayers and love for this man who just won’t give up.

We love you and wish you all well! Blessings onelove family!

Jeanne and the Cheng Gang

Stay tuned for further updates on the condition of Chi Cheng.