Our hearts go out to Deftones bassist Chi Cheng and his family, as yet another bout of pneumonia is keeping the musician in the hospital. Back in June, Cheng, who has been in a three-plus-year coma, was supposed to be sent home after battling pneumonia but now remains hospitalized with another bout with the illness.

Chi Cheng fell into a coma after a 2008 auto accident. He has been under intensive care virtually every day since, but had been showing signs of improvement this year. It was believed that Cheng would be able to return home in only a matter of days, but the bassist was once again struck with a bout of pneumonia.

On July 20, news was released on oneloveforchi.com, the official website run by his family to document and report on Cheng's condition, broke the news that he was back in the hospital.

hey all,
chi is having a rough time right now. he is battling pneumonia again. please keep him in your thoughts.
he is fighting hard.
one love for chi,

On a more positive note, another update has been posted on the site, stating that Cheng is slowly getting healthier.

hey one love fam,
just wanted to let you know chi is making small improvements and showing us once again how truly strong he is.
the family is very grateful for your never ending love and support. your love has carried them thru so much. ❤
one love for chi,

The family of Chi Cheng has set up a donation page for fans to help contribute to pay the bassist's medical bills. To keep up with the condition of Cheng, or to donate to his medical fund, head over to oneloveforchi.com.