The Deftones are closing in on a new record, and as the group ages, singer Chino Moreno says there are better and more collaborative relationships building within the band.

He says in the latest issue of Revolver (via ThePrp), “It’s not like on some of our previous records where you can hear that Stephen [Carpenter] wrote all the heavy stuff and I wrote all the p---y songs. We wrote organically as two guitar players with no ego battles. I play guitar on 10 of 13 songs, which is more guitar than I’ve played.”

Moreno named off a couple of early favorites for the new record including 'Roller Derby,' a song he likened to 'Rocket Skates' that he describes as "maximum riffage with a strong melody." And it wouldn't be Deftones without their standard atmospherics. The singer says 'Flashback' definitely has that atmospheric feel and reminds him of the 'White Pony' album.

As for when fans can expect the new album, Moreno says the disc is expected Oct. 9