Deftones may not appear in the video for their new single 'Romantic Dreams,' but their stamp is still all over the clip. The video serves as both a showcase for the new song and for the skateboarding prowess of Jason Park.

It should come as no surprise that the band chose this theme as frontman Chino Moreno and other members of the group have been avid skateboarders over the years. The video itself finds Park in downtown Los Angeles during a cool night on the town, pulling tricks against the backdrops of numerous landmarks and hot spots for L.A. denizens.

Moreno tells, who premiered the clip, "When we started this record cycle, we decided that we didn't want to make any videos whatsoever. They're not much fun to make and they usually turn out pretty corny. But this was an idea that we were interested in because we're all very keen skateboarders and we like the idea of marrying one of our songs to someone as talented as Jason Park."

The frontman praised Park's skills and added that it was important to have the sounds of his actual skateboarding incorporated in the clip alongside the band's music to give the video a more artistic feel. And while the Deftones members don't make an appearance in the clip, you can note their presence in a few billboards spotted in the background of Park's skating.

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