Descendents have joined the craft beer club! The California punk legends will unveil ‘Feel This’ IPA on Nov. 4, and of course, it’s coffee based!

Descendents and coffee go together like Ozzy Osbourne and severed animal heads. Thankfully, only one has become the basis for a fresh brew. Named after one of the best tracks on Descendents’ new Hypercaffium Spazzinate album, ‘Feel This’ weighs in at an intoxicating 7.3 percent alcohol content. Even better, the India Pale Ale is made from Descendents’ own Dark Matter Hypercaffium Spazzinate coffee beans.

The punk veterans chose to team up with San Diego’s Mikkeller Brewery for the IPA. “Having grown up in the punk rock and skate punk scene, it was an honor to be given the opportunity to create a beer for the Descendents to celebrate their recently released album,” says Bill Batten, Mikkeller SD Brew Master. “While doing this collaboration we got an opportunity to meet the Dark Matter boys and learn about their coffee process. Using their roasting profiles, in combination with our passion for hop-forward IPA's, we were able to create a special beer as unique as the band.”

Rock and metal beers can be difficult to get your hands on, but ‘Feel This’ beer will be available in 25 states across the US! A portion will even been sold through Mikkeller’s webshop in Europe.

Fans will get the chance to take the inaugural taste of Descendents’ ‘Feel This’ beer at the San Diego Beer Week on Nov. 4!

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