DevilDriver are about to have a lot of fun this summer, taking a number of outlaw country favorites and giving them a heavy makeover as part of Outlaws 'Til the End: Vol. 1. One of the artists covered actually joins Dez Fafara on the song, with Hank III providing an amped up take on his song "Country Heroes" to open the disc.

Speaking to us recently about the album, Fafara relayed about the "Country Heroes" cover, "Hank's voice on this is like how he has always wanted people to hear him. So, he sounds almost like a toned-down, tuned-in Ozzy. It sounds fucking crazy. The album opens with that track, him and I, and his vocals are twangy like. It sounds like Hank meets Ozzy."

He also told Rolling Stone, who premiered the "Country Heroes" lyric video, "This record would not have meant as much to me without having Hank3 on board. He is one of the most authentic and real outlaw country artists out there right now. I chose to record 'Country Heroes' because the lyrics are extremely well-written, and using the names of all the outlaws within the song really does the song justice. 'I'm drinking some George Jones and little bit a Coe...' etc., that is genius writing from Hank3 and should be recognized as such."

As you can here in the video above, "Country Heroes" is all kinds of heavy, starting off on the moody side, before kicking in with chugging guitars, guttural screams and brutally speedy double-kick drumming.

Outlaws 'Til the End: Vol. 1 arrives on July 6, with contributions from Lamb of God's Randy Blythe and Mark Morton, Wednesday 13, Fear's Lee Ving, 36 Crazyfists' Brock Lindow, Fear Factory's Burton C. Bell and John Carter Cash and Ana Cristina Cash. The disc is available for pre-order at this location.

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