DevilDriver have just completed the touring cycle for their sixth studio album, 'Winter Kills,' with a massive show at Knotfest, but with the triumphant end comes a huge change. Original members Jeff Kendrick (guitar) and John Boecklin (drums) have both departed from DevilDriver.

Both musicians committed 12 years of their life to DevilDriver, forming the band with Coal Chamber vocalist Dez Fafara in 2002. After six full-lengths and one EP, Kendrick and Boecklin are venturing off to tackle new goals, and according to Fafara, the split came with no hard feelings.

Dez Fafara announced the guitarist and drummer's leave on Oct. 28 via Facebook:

Hey everyone. What a blast Knotfest was. No better way to end the Winter Kills cycle. With the end of this cycle comes some other endings. John Boecklin, Jeff Kendrick and DevilDriver have parted ways. Nothing dramatic, no drag down fights, just time to move on. As I have said previously, DevilDriver is on hiatus while I rejoin Coal Chamber for a new record release and tour. DevilDriver will be back, make no mistake of that, in 2016 with a new record which we are already writing, tours around the world and the massive pits you have all gotten used to. All in DevilDriver wish John and Jeff the best.

Jeff Kendrick has already announced his newest venture: Online guitar lessons for the Australian Rock and Metal Institute. ARMI has worked with legendary guitarists such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and other master shredders in the past. Jeff Kendrick is also the founder of All Axess, a site dedicated to guitar and music news, interviews, tutorials, videos and more.

As Dez Fafara mentioned, Coal Chamber are currently writing their fourth studio album. Aimed for 2016, the release will be the act's first since 'Dark Days' was unleashed in 2002.

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