Haven't picked up Devin Townsend's 'Retinal Circus' yet? Allow us to persuade you. We've got the exclusive video of Townsend's performance of 'Kingdom' from the 'Retinal Circus' DVD.

Devin Townsend has said in the past that he hoped 'The Retinal Circus' would be the pinnacle piece of his long career. With over a year of pre-production dedicated to one single performance, Townsend's latest endeavor is proof that hard work pays off. Townsend's audio and visual thesis, featuring a demented and beautiful menagerie of characters and images, is the ultimate Devin Townsend experience. In fact, the eclectic musician even busted out some rare Strapping Young Lad tracks for the show.

Narrated by Steve Vai, 'The Retinal Circus' chronicles "a story about a young man [Harold] who goes to sleep, and through characters, dreams the emotional metaphors that climax into the realization that life is all about relationships; a musical journey into the collective unconscious." For the performance of 'Kingdom,' from Townsend's fourth solo album, 'Physicist,' Harold proposes to his dream girl. The wedding is acted out upstage from Townsend, which connects with the twisted beauty of 'Kingdom' perfectly.

'Kingdom' is just one piece of the 25-song 'Retinal Circus,' but it gives viewers a good impression of what to expect from Townsend's pinnacle release.

Check out our exclusive video of Devin Townsend, his group of musicians and theatrical players perform 'Kingdom' from 'The Retinal Circus' above! To grab a copy of 'The Retinal Circus,' click here or here.