Devin Townsend has no plans to reform his extreme metal act Strapping Young Lad. But that doesn't stop people from asking the influential Canadian musician when such a reunion will happen.

That was the case when Metal Hammer got Townsend on the record for a fan-driven Q&A session last week (Jan. 31). One participant asked the guitarist about Strapping Young Lad getting back together, and the musician dismantled the question by focusing on its premise. Still, he expressed his delight that listeners maintain interest in the outfit that disbanded in 2007 after five studio albums.

"My favorite part of that question is the word 'when,'" Townsend responded, "as if there's been any indication it'll happen. I'm not reforming Strapping, but the fact that people are so into that band and keep wanting me to do it is a huge honor for me. That's the biggest possible [compliment] anybody could give to me."

Elsewhere in the Q&A, the Devin Townsend Project bandleader revealed the Strapping Young Lad albums of which he's the most and least proud. During their career, the band issued Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing (1995), City (1997), a self-titled effort (2003), Alien (2005) and The New Black (2006).

"I'm least proud of the self-titled album," Townsend explained. "Even though I like it, I didn't do with it what I could. I could've gone so much further but I was too busy doing Accelerated Evolution at the same time. City defines Strapping in my mind as it was the best one for me but I think Alien is the one I'm most proud of technically because [drummer] Gene [Hoglan] and I had a lot of fun making it."

Last year, the guitarist confirmed he would play Strapping Young Lad songs on tour in 2020. In 2018, a Google error had some believing the group had staged a comeback. Going forward, however, Townsend indicated he's focused on the future instead of the past. (The guitarist's latest solo opus, Empath, arrived in March 2019.)

"I like to think I'll keep making projects that people will pine for," the musician added, "so thank you so much for caring about it."

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