Damn it, Google! Stop messing with us! This morning, anyone who had Strapping Young Lad set as a Google Alert was told the Devin Townsend-fronted act had released a new album, only to find music from a synth-pop group.

If you were one of the countless people who received the “IllutionWorld” Google Alert back in July, you probably soiled yourself thinking Tool had surprise released their fifth album. Soiling aside, it turned out to be an album by Soundcloud rapper TOOL$. It was a disappointing moment, but Google just hit Strapping Young Lad fans with a similar alert.

Remember, Strapping haven't made a new album in 12 years, so this was very unexpected. As you can see, the Google Alert clearly shows Strapping Young Lad as the subject:

Fans must have been blowing up Devin Townsend’s Twitter feed about it, because the musician addressed the Google error. Devy even found the artist, SYL, that actually released the album:

Check out SYL’s music if you want, but don’t expect any sort of maniacal metal band. If you’re into Twenty One Pilots, however, maybe you’ll dig it.

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