In this day and age, it pays for bands to reach out to their fans in any way possible. And with Devour the Day planning to hit the road in February, the group is using a humorous new promo to hype their upcoming dates with Hellyeah and Like a Storm.

In the clip above, Devour the Day frontman Blake Allison does his best whispery drawl while spoofing the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials. In the clip he offers such stream of consciousness platitudes as "Sometimes you've gotta go back … on tour … Vegas, man … That's wild" and the laughable, "Sometimes you've gotta meet new friends …. Sometimes you've gotta meet old friends … Sometimes you don't have any friends." Allison, rolling around town in his Cherokee, also finds great pleasure in a milkshake he's drinking.

This isn't the first time that Devour the Day have used humor as a selling point. Who can forget a couple of years back when the band jumped on the 'Harlem Shake' craze? If you have, watch here.

But let's not forget that above all, Devour the Day are hitting the road, ready to roll out new songs live and rock audiences across the country with Hellyeah and Like a Storm. To see their dates, check here.