Guitarist Ben Weinman of experimental metal outfit the Dillinger Escape Plan has begun a side project with Mastodon singer-guitarist Brent Hinds, ex-Jane's Addiction bassist Eric Avery and ex-Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen. Weinman wrote about the new project earlier today (Sept. 16) via the Dillinger Escape Plan's blog.

Weinman plans to release "song snippets" from the unnamed supergroup within the next few weeks, focusing on what he and Avery have been concocting. Weinman expressed his excitement about working with Avery, writing, "Eric and I plan on locking ourselves in my studio for days without food or sunlight. I can’t believe the guy who wrote the 'Mountain Song' bass line is gonna be sleeping on my floor."

Weinman also addressed his involvement in Cut Throat Tactics, a group featuring himself, Geoff Rickly of Thursday fame and Ink & Dagger members Don Devore, Joshua Brown and Chris Tropea. "I play drums. I have come to the conclusion that beating on things rules. Doing it in time to music makes it, I guess, a little more productive. I have been tracking drums for some new tunes we have been writing all week."

Weinman isn't the only Dillinger member with side projects to boast about -- DEP vocalist Greg Puciato has teamed up with Max Cavalara (Sepultura, Soulfly). Puciato posted a picture of the duo's four-song demo, accompanied with, "Cruising back from MC's place trying to make my flight home. [The demo] is currently DIMED in the stereo, and makes me wish we had a machine gun mounted on the roof of the truck."

Meanwhile, Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Jeff Tuttle has released new material with his band Old Gods. Weinman wrote about Old Gods, "Jeff sings in this band and I’m totally amped on it. Reminds me of a lot of the mind blowing groups I grew up listening to that Jeff and I often talk about for hours in the back of the tour bus."

Bassist Liam Wilson has been working on a side project with members of Nanos Operetta - who provided some of the string and percussion arrangements on the Dillinger Escape Plan 2007 release 'Ire Works.'

Weinman finally wrote about drummer Billy Rymer, "Billy has just been playing drums like they were going out of style or something. Not only is he still lending his sticks to the band North Korea, but he has been helping me out with a little top secret jaunt that I couldn’t be more excited about. Can’t say much more than that at the moment but stay tuned in the coming weeks for a little teaser of what we have cooking."

Whichever Dillinger Escape Plan side project you may be interested in, leave it to Ben Weinman to fill you in with poetic details.