Dimmu Borgir have been rather quiet since releasing Abrahadabra in 2010. While fans are still awaiting a new studio effort from the Norwegian symphonic black metal legends, the expansive Forces of the Northern Light live album / DVD will serve as the consolation prize. Get a taste of the band backed by a full orchestra and choir with the freshly unveiled live performance of "Progenies of the Great Apolcaypse."

The Death Cult Armageddon fan favorite is given a boost from the live Norwegian Radio Orchestra with a dynamic and foreboding arrangement. The sinister overtones slide into the galloping rhythm perfectly as frontman Shagrath details a tale of war through his raspy croak. The studio version also featured a full orchestra as the band contracted the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra for the record.

The singer expressed his excitement over this release, exclaiming, "For us, this is the pinnacle of our career so far. As a band, we've always used a lot of symphonic elements in our music. But we haven't been able to use a real orchestra live. We've had to use samples, synthesizers and so on, so this was a huge, awesome experience for us!"

Forces of the Northern Light will be released on April 28 through Nuclear Blast and chronicles Dimmu Borgir's concert with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra in addition to their 2012 Wacken Open Air performance with nearly 100 musicians onstage. Pre-orders can be placed here where fans can explore CD, Blu-Ray, DVD, LP options and more.

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