Disturbed awoke Tuesday morning and learned that they had been nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Rock Performance for their rendition of "The Sound of Silence" while appearing on Conan. We spoke with Disturbed frontman David Draiman about the nomination, his recollection of the Conan performance, got his thoughts on the Grammy experience and who he hopes wins the Best Rock Performance category if Disturbed doesn't. Check out the chat below.

So how did you find out about the nomination?

I checked the website first thing in the morning (laughs).

"The Sound of Silence" got a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance, and it's for your rendition on Conan. What can you tell me about that performance in particular that stood out to you?

The fact that I was sick as a dog (laughs). I remember I was definitely fighting something off, but it was a cool experience. It was cool performing with an actual orchestra. It was really vibing and the mood helped, I think, enhance the delivery. The stars just aligned that night and everything went right.

Obviously, "The Sound of Silence" is a cover of a Simon & Garfunkel classic. It wasn't too long after that or around the same time that you heard from Paul Simon. Can you talk about what it meant to get that nod of recognition from Mr. Simon?

Your ultimate wish is for the artist to hopefully give you their blessing. It's rare if they end up getting pissed off by it (laughs), but it is a possibility and it is really, really nice when you get a songwriter as terrific as Paul to reach out to say that he appreciated what you did with one of the most well known songs of all-time.

Very true. Looking at the nominations, there was some good stuff chosen this year, but one of the head scratchers was Metallica for Best Rock Song instead of Best Metal Performance. Your thoughts on them getting nominated in a rock category?

Uh …. I don't know (laughs). They should be in metal. They are … Metallica, but maybe they classify things differently these days. You're talking about the same organization that put us and I think it was The Mars Volta together in the same category and now I'm in the same category with Beyonce, for example. So, we're nominated. That's the main thing (laugh). They need to do some homework in a bunch of different areas, I'm sure, but it's something that doesn't necessarily surprise me.

Right? Have you been to the ceremony before and any thoughts on this year?

We went when we were nominated for "Inside the Fire" and it was an interesting experience, but we will be in Europe at the time this year touring with Avenged Sevenfold, so unless something crazy comes up, who knows? If we were winning an award, I can guarantee you this is the time when we actually can't be there (laughs). That would be the way it would work out. But there's crazy, crazy competition in this category. We're up against some of the most legendary artists of all-time and a posthumous award for David Bowie seems like the right thing to do. So it's tough man. If we lose to anybody, I hope it's to him.

Big fan of Bowie?

Very much, very much.

As Draiman stated, the band will be on tour overseas during Grammy night, but you can find out who wins the Best Rock Performance Grammy on Sunday, Feb. 12 when James Corden hosts the 59th Annual Grammy Awards at 8PM ET on CBS. Stay tuned for more of our chat with David Draiman coming soon and keep up to date with Disturbed's touring plans here.

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