Don't even think about putting down Taylor Swift when attending a Disturbed show.

Disturbed Praise Taylor Swift During Concert

Lead singer David Draiman was ready to defend Swift in a video recently shared on the band's TikTok.

In the clip, Draiman is seen speaking to a fan in the front row, along the rail. "I've been worried about you the whole show," Draiman says speaking into the mic while looking directly at the fan.

Draiman had left the stage to check on those in the front row after becoming concerned. "First she's standing and literally she's got a look on her face like her boyfriend brought her to the wrong god damn concert," he says to the crowd. Draiman later changed his mind about the fan's desire to be at the show after he saw the woman singing along with Disturbed's cover of "The Sound of Silence."

"I mean, I know this isn't Taylor Swift, but we're doing our best," he stated.

That comment got some boos from the crowd of Disturbed fans who probably thought Draiman would be one of the last people to namecheck Swift mid-concert. But he wasn't having it. Nobody boos Taylor Swift on David Draiman's watch.

"Shut the fuck up. Taylor Swift kicks fucking ass," Draiman instructs the crowd as cheers overtake the boos.

This is not the first time Draiman has shown love for Swift. In an interview with WMMR in Philadelphia in August, he discussed the pop star's songwriting and talent.

"I would love to cover a Taylor Swift song, I think that she is one of the most prolific songwriters of our generation," Draiman said during the interview. "I think she's insanely talented. I'd love to collaborate with Taylor if she ever wanted to on any given day."

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Disturbed Looking Out For Fan Safety

This also isn't the first time a video has surfaced of Disturbed stopping a show to check on a fan who looked uncomfortable in the front row.

Last year, Draiman was seen checking on a small girl who was fighting for space along the rail.

"All I saw was the little girl start to cry and I'm like, okay, I've got to do something," Draiman said during a recent appearance on Loudwire Nights.

You can listen to the full conversation here:

Disturbed are gearing up to heard back out on the road for a string of shows starting at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Illinois on Jan. 19.

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