Over the last few months, Disturbed singer David Draiman has been commenting on his weight loss journey, then confirming earlier this week that he's now down to 180 pounds, dropping 34 pounds since he started trying to shed the lbs back in January.

The singer posted a photo along with his weight-loss update, showing his svelte and lean transition while achieving a weight he says he hasn't maintained since the mid-2000s. He added that he's now "in shape to kick everyone's asses this summer." So how did Draiman do it? He's now shared his weight loss routine through Twitter, serving up some helpful tips for those also looking to shed some weight.

In a Twitter thread, the musician starts, "Lots of people have been asking about what I did to lose the weight." He then details six key tips that helped him get to the place he's at now.

First up, "Since I have severe acid reflux disease, I can’t eat 4 hours prior to performing and 2 hours prior to sleeping, so my last meal on show days is usually a late lunch, so intermittent fasting becomes the norm," he explained.

He adds, "I avoid fried foods, caffeine, chocolate, overly spicy foods and try to eat as cleanly as I can out on the road." That can be a challenge given travel times and availability, but Draiman has been up to the challenge.

The musician adds, "I workout 3-4 days a week, isolate muscle groups, muscle confusion, HIIT training for cardio, use a couple apps I can use anywhere when there’s no gym nearby."

The fourth tip may be a little harder for non-musicians, with Draiman noting, "I easily burn 500-750 calories each time we play a show." While not everyone has the live show platform to burn off those calories, there are likely other exercise alternatives that could get you something close.

He also shares with a laugh, "I drink more water in a day than the average person does in a week," but, drinking water instead of soft drinks and caffeinated beverages does help.

And his final tip is to "avoid yogurt, and flax seed (testosterone inhibitors), only eat eggs when poached or boiled." "There you have it," says the singer. Down with the fitness, indeed!

So look for the leaner David Draiman onstage this summer, as Disturbed continue promotion of their Divisive album. Shows are coming up in Denver (July 11), Salt Lake City (July 13) and Ridgefield and Auburn, Washington (July 15 and 16) next week.

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