Disturbed are digging even deeper into their Immortalized album, unleashing a concert-based video for the title track to start the new year.

The clip was shot during their touring at several venues during their late year touring. As you can see in the video, the song allows guitarist Dan Donegan a spotlight as he opens the song with a bluesy solo before the full band joins him on the track.

"Immortalized" follows on the heels of "The Vengeful One," "Fire It Up," "The Light," "The Sound of Silence," "Open Your Eyes," and "Who Taught You How to Hate," all of which have all been featured by the band during the album cycle.

Touring has been a big part of their album support, and the band showcased that first via their Live at Red Rocks concert disc and later in a New Year's Eve video reflecting on the year on the road that was. As the video, which can be seen below states, the band played 120 shows in 16 countries along with 31 festivals utilizing hundreds of gallons of pyro fuel during their 2016 touring. They also welcomed 18 special guest performances during a year that re-introduced them to fans around the world after their lengthy hiatus.

Just because the calendar has turned doesn't mean the touring stops. Look for the band to pick right up this weekend with shows in the U.K. Dates can be found here.

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