It's been a banner year for Disturbed with plenty of highlights. During a recent chat with frontman David Draiman about the band's Grammy nomination, the vocalist also spoke about huge year the group has enjoyed, that includes a wealth of Loudwire Music Awards nominations, a stellar year of touring and the release of their Live at Red Rocks album. Check out the rest of our chat with Disturbed's David Draiman below.

It was a huge year for the band that is reflected in the eight nominations you've received as part of the Loudwire Music Awards this year. I wanted to get your thoughts on all that you've been nominated for.

I'm incredibly flattered and humbled. We definitely busted our asses this year and it's been an amazing year and you guys have been there the whole way. It's very, very humbling to nominated in so many categories and we're very, very appreciative of it. But it's kind of hard to beat the guys in Guns N' Roses in just about anything (laughs). Axl [Rose] had one hell of a year and Guns N' Roses in general had one of hell of a year, so I wouldn't be surprised if they pretty much dominated everything.

As we look through the year, there have been so many highlights for Disturbed and what you've accomplished. Is there something you point to as a highlight of your year?

Our summer tour! Our summer tour was absolutely amazing. Us, Breaking Benjamin, Alter Bridge, Saint Asonia -- that was a fantastic bill and a crazy, crazy run. Every single amphitheater we played was packed and it was absolutely phenomenal.

You've talked often about the desire for more camaraderie in hard rock and metal and it sounds like you guys truly had that this summer. Can you talk about what those relationships meant with your tour mates?

Yeah, we're all great friends, and especially after that tour. They're all great guys and there's no attitudes or egos. Everybody was absolutely wonderful and a lot of us have been friends for a very, very long time and we just became friends with Ben and the rest of the Breaking Benjamin guys. They're amazing people and I look forward to us all sharing the stage again at some point.

One of the great things we got hear at the end of the year is the Live At Red Rocks album. If you want to talk about that performance and why that ended up being the choice for the concert disc?

It's just a venue that we've always wanted to play and we killed it that night. We kind of had a feeling we would because we were just so excited to play it. We just seemed to play with an extra amount of exuberance and energy that night. Altitude or not, we just loved it. The look of it, the vibe of it, the roar of that crowd and the way that it resonates, it's really amazing.

I know we're not that far apart in age. For me, it was seeing U2's Under a Blood Red Sky video in my youth that kind of introduced me to the awesomeness of the Red Rocks venue. What was it that kind of turned you on to the place?

My first exposure was the same, live Under a Blood Red Sky. Ever since then it's been on the list of places to play (laughs), and now it has been checked off.

Looking ahead, I see even more touring and you have toured so much. What is on the horizon for you in 2017 at this point?

You know, we are putting [the tours] together as we speak. Right now the touring we've already announced through mid-March and after that we'll probably take a little bit of time off. We have a couple of things that we're working on but we just don't know the timing of those things so I'm not prepared to speak about them yet. But as soon as I'm able to I'm sure you'll be one of the first to know.

Obviously, you took some time off with Disturbed before doing this album with everyone doing outside projects. Do you foresee that being the case again after this album cycle or is it full steam ahead for Disturbed?

Disturbed takes precedence at this point. I'm not saying that I'll never do anything in any other facet, but I'm not going to continue Device and whether or not the other guys decide they want to do something else on the side, that's certainly up to them. But for me, I have no desire to start any other side projects or anything. That doesn't mean I won't do a guest appearance or something like that or produce or co-write or things of that nature. I'm always open to doing things like that. But as far as another side project, that's pretty much out of the question for me.

Our thanks to Disturbed's David Draiman for the interview. As stated, the band has dates booked through mid-March and you can find them on the road at these stops.

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