Disturbed against Avenged Sevenfold may be the toughest battle of the 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl quarterfinals, as both bands won decisively against their opening round competition.

Disturbed's 'Indestructible' proved to be exactly that when facing off against Trapt's determination anthem, 'Headstrong.' Recording just under three quarters (72 percent) of the total vote, Disturbed emerged victorious. And as we move forward, there's little doubt that 'Indestructible' makes for a great football anthem, with David Draiman singing about "carrying the colors" and defending an oath. But do they have what it takes to be the "master of war" over Avenged Sevenfold?

'Seize the Day' is a pretty powerful message, so it's no wonder A7X fans seized control of the voting fairly early on to distance themselves from Shinedown's 'Devour.' The band received just shy of 64 percent of the final vote to advance to the quarterfinals of the 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl. Will Avenged Sevenfold's fans continue to "seize the day" and help the band advance to the semifinals?

This should definitely be a tight matchup, so every vote counts. Make your voice heard by voting in the poll below. Then click the red button at the bottom of this post to vote in the next 2013 Loudwire Rock Bowl matchup. You have until Wednesday morning (Jan. 30) at 10AM ET to vote for your favorite.

Listen to Disturbed's 'Indestructible'

Listen to Avenged Sevenfold's 'Seize the Day'