Vegas, baby! There have been more than a few people who would like to have a "mulligan" after their Vegas adventure went off the rails, but Don Broco's first time in Sin City left them with a memory they'll never forget (though it is a bit hazy), not to mention a hangover they'd feel for days. They are the subject of the latest episode in our "Do Over" video series, which you can watch above. But they guys don't seem to regret their Vegas rager too much.

Bassist Tom Doyle tells us, "On that tour we shot a video for 'Pretty' and in that video I get married, so we thought it'd be a great idea to trick our fans into actually thinking I was getting married and then get them to watch and live stream my wedding."

Drummer Matt Donnelly quickly made up a t-shirt that revealed that the guy were celebrating  Tom's stag party. "It's getting him loads of attention in all the casinos and everyone wants to be his friend and everyone's buying him drinks and our manager Matt is there, splashing the cash on the company card," recalls Donnelly.

"The fake bachelor party quickly turned into a very real feeling bachelor party," says singer Rob Damiani, with guitarist Simon Delaney recalling the Jager shots flowing heavily. "It very quickly went hazy for me," says Doyle.

From there, the stories begin to vary. "I remember Simon standing on the top of a roulette table and we all get kicked out, which sucks," says Damiani. But they just took the party elsewhere, hitting additional casinos.

"The guys are losing money hand over fist, but I'm the king at this point," says Delaney, althought his bandmates contradict that a bit.

"I kept seeing him go to the ATM to try to claw back his significant, significant losses," recalls Donnelly.

"The next two or three days after it was like a delayed hangover. It was like two or three day hangover after the show. It was pretty miserable. But the night was good," says Damiani. "It was awesome. I wouldn't change a thing," adds Delaney.

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