You've heard "Back in Black," but what about "Back in Rap?"

Now, stick with us for a minute — we can explain why you're going to want to hit play on that video above. This unearthed footage features famed actor, writer, comedian and rapper (under the alias Childish Gambino) Donald Glover freestyling over the immortal AC/DC cut back in his college days at New York University.

The video was posted by Chaz Kangas, who guested on Childish Gambino's Sick Boi track "My Hoodie" and the two tee off, taking turns in a rap battle styled clip as some onsite musicians jam away on "Back in Black." It's an unlikely musical foundation for a freestyle battle, but that's how you put the best to the test.

The vocal sparring is just a small portion of what was a 21-minute video where the two swapped lines and rhymes in NYU's Goddard Hall according to a post made by Kangas. Glover comes down on the paused accents of the song, digging into the song's loose groove as a beat (one more involved than Phil Rudd's efforts on the original recording) helps the two maintain a rap/hip-hop inspired edge over the timeless riffs of Angus and Malcolm Young.

Glover, clearly a man of many talents, has been in the spotlight most recently with the FX series Atlanta. Not only was he the creator of comedy-drama, but Glover also serves as one of the show's writer, director and featured actors. He's also set to star as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming standalone Star Wars film Solo: A Star Wars Story. His initial breakout came as a star of the Community sitcom and he was also a writer for 30 Rock.

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