Ever have those days where you wake up, everything's all cloudy and you're tied to the bleeding stone? Neither have we, but the soundtrack to that grim reality would probably sound a lot like "The Alpha," the new jam from Dutch dark rockers Dool (featuring former members of The Devil's Blood). To make things better, it's accompanied by an occult video seen first right here at Loudwire.

Dool, who released their debut album Here Now, There Then last year, possess a trance-inducing sound with swirling, dissonant guitars textures laid over a dense wall of a Neurosis-meets-Om funereal haze. An ethereal female vocal rises and hangs listlessly in the air like smoke from the ritual altar's fire in the video. Clothed in tattered white garments, a blonde girl peruses the forest in search of the materials required to conduct her personal ritual of strength and ascent to power.

"The video for 'The Alpha' is as well a celebration of will power as it is an ode to transformation, in parallel with the lyrics of the song. It has been truly inspiring to work on this video, and we hope it empowers you as much as it empowers us," comments singer Ryanne van Dorst.

Here Now, There Then is out now through Prophecy Productions and can be ordered here and for more info on the band, check out their Facebook page. The album was produced by Pieter Kloos, a longtime collaborator with The Devil's Blood, furthering the connection between the two groups.

Prophecy Productions
Prophecy Productions

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