The long-awaited beginning of Down's upcoming four-part series of EPs has finally been given a name and a release date. The six-track EP, which will be called 'EP One,' is set for a Sept. 18 release.

Down drummer Jimmy Bower recently discussed the theme that will connect the four separate EPs in an interview with Target Audience. “The idea is we're doing four EPs and the first one is pretty much cut-throat. The third one is supposed to be the acoustic one. But we're releasing four EPs within the next year and a half. They all coincide with one theme … it’s kind of like end of the world kind of s--t. Just the times we’re in. It reflects on how humanity is going apes--t. Like the artwork and everything. It's like a big story.”

Additionally, Down vocalist and legendary Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo had promised fans that 'EP One' will be "a very pure doom metal record." In an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Anselmo also promised that fans will not be disappointed with Down's latest effort.

“To me, I’m happy with this EP," says Anselmo. "We went through a lot of different things, personally during the making of this record that I can’t really get into right now but everything has worked itself out and really at the end of the say I’m happy with the result. I’m thinkin’ if you like Down, if Down is your cup so to speak there’s no way we could’ve let you down.”

Down are set to embark on a U.S. tour in the fall, beginning on Sept. 18 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Down, 'EP One' - Track List:

'The Misfortune Teller'
'The Curse Is a Lie'
'Open Coffins'
'This Work Is Timeless'