DragonForce are Reaching Into Infinity on their forthcoming album and have come away with new 11 songs that will serve as a testament to the band's growing legacy as one of power metal's best. The thrilling "Ashes of the Dawn" is the latest track to be shared from the record with the music video streaming above.

Fans know what to expect when it comes to DragonForce: triumphant melodies, blazing guitars and song composition truly deserving of the word "epic." With an instant classic feel, "Ashes of the Dawn" explores infectious twin melodies early on, maintaining a rapid pace with a galloping tempo and flourishes of heightened speed as double kicks signal what's ahead during the drum fills. The overall pacing of the song is brilliant as small dynamics go a long way like the brief pause before the instantly memorable chorus comes crashing down.

DragonForce are positioned among the rubble of a futuristic CGI landscape while surges of electric power emanating from a mysterious portal nearly strike the band members while playing. As Herman Li and Sam Totman engage in another one of their solo duels, a robotic dragon rises from the ruins, snaking its way around the city, destroying the portal with a white-hot ray-blast from its mouth.

The record will still contain some surprises as bassist Frederic Leclercq commented, "I think we have proven that playing fast was something we were good at, so this time I wanted to bring even more diversity into our music. It's great to challenge ourselves instead of staying in a comfort zone and I really wanted to experiment with Marc's vocals. I think people are going to be surprised at his brutality!"

Reaching Into Infinity will be released on May 19 through Metal Blade fans can pre-order the album at the label's website. Catch the power metal icons on their North American tour all throughout July with a list of stops found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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