DragonForce shredder and meme lord Herman Li got into an epic crab war with Venn Arcade Live, playing the bizarre battle game Fight Crab and shredding his axe.

Herman Li has brought his A-game to YouTube and Twitch during the COVID-19 pandemic, making a handful of viral reaction and play-through videos in 2020. The connection between DragonForce and gaming has only increased this year, bringing Li to the VENN gaming network and a 2v2 game of Fight Crab.

During his turn in crustacean combat, Herman chose nunchucks and a butterfly sword as his weapons, eventually getting desperate by picking up a fish after his crab’s weapons had been knocked away from its claws. Unfortunately, Li was eliminated first in the 2v2, leading to his team ultimately tasting defeat.

Li also won over viewers by shredding the theme song to Venn Arcade Live. Having recently left Ibanez, the DragonForce shredder busted out his custom PRS for the job.

"The PRS I have here is just insane — it's a Private Stock so it's not like anything you've seen PRS make before. So, we've got some guitars here that are amazing and they're hard to beat,” Li recently told Ultimate Guitar. "It's been really good for me because I get to learn and it's good for them because they're getting some promotion out of me because I'm testing them out live on stream and on tour. So I beat the shit out of these guitars. There is no mercy on them. They've got to hold up."

Watch Herman Li’s appearance on Venn Arcade Live in the play below.

Fight Crab, Fall Guys, & Shredding with DragonForce's Herman Li | VENN Arcade Live | Episode 4

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