DragonForce guitarist Herman Li is this week’s guest on ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’. The master shredder sit down with us at this year’s Chicago Open Air Festival to prove and disprove what’s written about him on Wikipedia.

Li corrected a falsehood on Wikipedia almost right away about how DragonForce initially formed. Wikipedia reads that former vocalist ZP Theart put up an ad at Thin Ice Studios in England looking for a band to sing for. Turns out the ad was in a different rehearsal studio and Li contacted the singer because of ZP’s interest in Skid Row, Queensryche and Iron Maiden.

During the Ultra Beatdown album cycle, DragonForce were forced to cancel a run of shows in Latin America because of a swine flu epidemic and Li being exhausted. Li swatted away the “exhausted” part of the Wikipedia entry and said he really wanted to play those shows, but issues with insurance during the swine flu breakout became too problematic.

Ever wonder how Li came up with such an awesome solo for “Three Hammers”? Turns out the guitarist’s dog played a huge part. Herman had a few different renditions for the song, so he let his dog choose which one made the final cut by gauging its cute faces during each take.

Check out the DragonForce edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ in the clip above and stay tuned each Wednesday for new episodes! To grab a copy of DragonForce's newest album, Reaching Into Infinity, click here.

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