The technical death metal supergroup Entheos, who just finished touring North America with Whitechapel this spring, got a surprising acknowledgment from Drake when the hip-hop star re-shared a clip of a vocal recording video made by Entheos lead vocalist Chaney Crabb on Instagram last week.

"Chaney Crabb my twin flame," Drake remarked on his re-post, showing his identification with the passionate Entheos vocalist. Crabb's vocal video shows a brutal recording session of a recent Entheos song.

See the screenshot and original video below.

"This was not on my 2023 bingo card," Crabb subsequently said on Twitter. "Shout out to Drake for spreading the good word and putting a bunch of people on to metal. So cool. Much love!"

Drake Gives Nod to Entheos' Chaney Crabb

Entheos, who formed in 2015 and have worked with Metal Blade Records, include the multi-instrumentalist Navene Koperweis, best known as the former drummer of Animosity, Hoods and Animals as Leaders. Crabb used to do vocals in the band Systems.

Enethos burst onto the metal scene in 2016 with their debut album, The Infinite Nothing, before releasing 2017's Dark Future and their latest just this year.

The caption on Crabb's original video from April 3 explains, "Here's a clip of me singing 'Absolute Zero' from [Entheos'] new album Time Will Take Us All. Watch the official video at the link in my bio."

Listen to the new Entheos album here and find more from Entheos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Chaney Crabb's Entheos Vocal Take Video

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