Progressive metal legends Dream Theater have just announced Distant Memories — Live in London, a live record which features the band performing the venerated 1999 album, Metropolis Part 2 — Scenes From a Memory, in its entirety, alongside other hits. The first preview of what's to come can be heard via the first album single, "Fatal Tragedy."

Earlier in 2020, before the touring industry was shuttered by the coronavirus pandemic, Dream Theater embarked on a special tour to commemorate the historic release and its two-decade milestone.

"Performing SFAM live in its entirety 20 years after its initial release was a ton of fun for all of us," commented guitarist John Petrucci, who added, "'Fatal Tragedy' is one of the darker, heavier and more exciting songs on Scenes and always gets an amazing response from our audience. It’s an important track because lyrically it helps to establish the story’s plot details while musically it showcases some of our favorite instrumental moments on the album."

Listen to "Fatal Tragedy" live below.

Rounding out the setlist is mostly songs from Dream Theater's most recent effort, 2019's Distance Over Time. View the complete track listing as well as the album art further down the page. Pre-order your copy of the Distant Memories — Live in London here and look for it to arrive on Nov. 27.

Dream Theater, "Fatal Tragedy"

Dream Theater, Distant Memories — Live in London Album Art + Track Listing

Dream Theater, 'Distant Memories — Live in London'

01. "Untethered Angel"
02. "A Nightmare to Remember"
03. "Fall Into the Light"
04. "Barstool Warrior"
05. "In the Presence of Enemies – Part 1"
06. "Pale Blue Dot"
07. "Scenes Live Intro"
08. "Scene One: Regression"
09. "Scene Two: I. Overture 1928"
10. "Scene Two: II. Strange Déjà Vu"
11. "Scene Three: I. Through My Words"
12. "Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy"
13. "Scene Four: Beyond This Life"
14. "Scene Five: Through Her Eyes"
15. "Scene Six: Home"
16. "Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity"
17. "Scene Seven: II. One Last Time"
18. "Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On"
19. "Scene Nine: Finally Free"
20. "At Wit’s End"
21. "Paralyzed" (Bonus Track)

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