It's become increasingly clear that The Astonishing is no mere album for Dream Theater. First, the band started teasing that they'd play their disc in full on tour, then they launched an elaborate website for the album featuring characters, places, maps and more details about their conceptual double disc offering. Now comes word that the ideals behind The Astonishing will spill over into a new game based on the disc.

The band is teaming up with Turbo Tape Games to develop The Astonishing game, which will be made available soon for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It's expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2016.

You'll be able to step into the dystopian future as described on the album. "Travel to The Great Northern Empire Of The Americas (G.N.E.A.) where any dedication, investment or interest in the arts has all but been abandoned. The very soul of what was once real music is lost in a digital quagmire of emotionless sonic madness," reads a description on the website. "In this setting a young man from the Endless Isleland, Gabriel, emerges with a voice so profound it moves everyone that listens, transporting them back to a time where true art created by humans was celebrated and consumed as the ultimate nourishment for the soul. In the game you will follow the storyline of the album through a series of matches between the rebel militia and the forces of G.N.E.A. in a board-based tactical strategy game!"

The band and gaming site have set up an email list that you can subscribe to for updates and to learn when the game is ready for purchase. For additional details, click here.

Meanwhile, Dream Theater are currently well into supporting their recently released album The Astonishing. The band is in the home stretch of a European tour and will bring The Astonishing to North American audiences in April, kicking off their run April 14 in Quebec City and winding nearly a month later in Seattle. See all dates here and a order a copy of The Astonishing, click here.

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